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Computer | Guitar 

Tokyo   |   New York

 Toshihisa Tsuruoka 

Toshihisa Tsuruoka is a sound artist-composer who specializes in electro-acoustic works. His most recent collaborations include Prime Winds Ensemble, Consensus Ensemble, Bearthoven Ensemble, Quince Ensemble, Mivos Quartet and many more. As a researcher, Toshi focuses on the intersection of music and technology. His research projects have been presented at ICMC, SESMUS, etc. Currently, he is the lead researcher on a project named Ear Talk—a system that allows people to share, shape, and form music on an online virtual space. Toshi holds a masters degree from New York University in Composition where he studied with Tae Hong Park, Dafna Naphtali, and Justin Dello Joio. Since 2020, he resides in Tokyo and works as a mastering engineer at Saidera Mastering.

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