Computer | Guitar | Trumpet

Tokyo   |   New York

 Toshihisa Tsuruoka 

Toshihisa Tsuruoka (b.1994) is a sound artist-composer who specializes in electro-acoustic works. His most recent collaborations include Prime Winds Ensemble, Consensus Ensemble, Bearthoven Ensemble, Quince Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, NYUO1 Orchestra and many more. Aa researcher, Toshi focuses on the intersection of music and technology. In 2019, his research papers titled Soundwriter and Bookscapes Project were published via the International Computer Music Conference. Currently, he is the lead researcher on a project named Ear Talk—a system that allows people to share, shape, and form music on an online virtual space. Toshi holds a masters degree from New York University in Composition where he studied with Justin Dello Joio and Tae Hong Park.

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