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Ecotone Lab is a mastering studio and experimental lab for immersive audio residing in Tokyo, Japan. The engineer Toshi produces optimized sound and music for modern playback systems and multichannel audio environment.

Ecotone Lab is an auxiliary studio of Saidera Paradiso, Ltd.


Ecotone Lab is officially licensed with SONY 360 Reality Audio productions.


Experimentation with IRCAM's Spat5 and Ableton Live.

Toshi has worked under industry leading audio engineers in several New York City music studios (Masterdisk, Alchemy Post Sound, etc.). Now he resides in Tokyo and is a mastering engineer at Saidera Mastering while operating Ecotone Lab.


$80 / 1 Song* [48kHz/24bit and 44.1kHz/16bit wav. Delivery]


  + $30 / Hi-Res. [96kHz/24bit wav.] 

  + $70 / DDP [for CD Pressing]


$60 / 1 hour

* 2 revisions are included.

* Songs that exceed 15 minutes are subject to extra rate.

Mastering Request 

Thanks! Message sent.

File Transfer 

All file transfers are done via WeTransfer. Please follow our email conversation and send in appropriate audio files.

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