Mastering Service 
Optimal sound 

Optimizing your recording is an essential part of the music crafting process. If you have a recording, whether from a professional studio or zoom recorder, it is best to ensure that its sonic potential is maximized for your listeners. Fine-tuning a recording for an ideal listening experience that suits today's music consumption culture, where music is streamed online and delivered via people's earbuds, is a crucial part of being a professional composer, band, or producer. Whether you are polishing up an album/EP or preparing for a compelling academia/competition submission, mastering is here to help reach a higher standard for your uncompromising passion.

Package Includes:

- Equalizing 

- Loudness Optimization

- Saturation

- Ambience Treatment (Quality Reverb, etc.)

- Limiting

- Noise Reduction (De-Clip, De-Noise, De-Click, De-Reverb, etc.)

- Distribution Preparation (Meta Data Editing, etc)

- Delivery (44.1kHz 16bit Wav., 88.2kHz 24bit Wav., MP3 320kbps, MFiT, etc.)

Toshi has worked under industry leading audio engineers in several New York City music studios. For the past few years, he has been offering mastering services for his friends and colleagues who have advanced their professions in music. He is currently offering an affordable opportunity for music creators of any caliber to obtain professional quality sound. 

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